PT Candi Jaya Amerta was established in 1979. The company named “CANDI JAYA” since it is established on a Candi Village in Sidoarjo, East Java. We produced various kinds of crackers, and most of all, was traditional crackers. At first, we did all the work traditionally and were oriented to local market only.

In 1984, we tried to increase our production up to international market. We developed our product and also the production process. Our mission was to gain larger market, not only in Indonesia. Our first target for exporting was Saudi Arabia in 1985.

Our company succeed in penetrating European market due to the continuity of their orders. Start in 1986, we were starting to spread our distribution to other countries; the Netherlands , Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Hongkong, Australia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Malaysia.

We are still continuing in exporting our products and also developing more kinds of crackers to gain more market.